New reports in React | What's new in Recent Sales and All Credits



  1. When searching for a term via Quick Search > Sales, we have improved the search performance by checking first whether the term is:
    1. an invoice reference
    2. an order id, or, 
    3. a customer reference
      as a priority.
  2. The results will initially include the matches only to those fields which means that the results are produced much quicker. In case your results are not including what you were looking for, please see the related feature below, which allows you to search for all possible results.


  1. When searching for a term via Quick Search > Sales, if the produced results (via the optimised search) do not include what you are looking for, you have the option to run the search again in order to get all possible matches (apart from matching the invoice reference, order id or customer reference):
  2. When exporting your results, the limitation of 20,000 rows is no longer present. 
  3. Row actions have been removed, offering more space and consistency among the reports:
  4. “Clear filters” and “Filter” buttons are available at the top of the filtering section too:
  5. Additional options to select rows for export and the export task runs in the background:
  6. Confirmation messages appear under the filtering section for all batch actions:
  7. Both sales orders and sales credits can be viewed:
  8. “Tax status” added to the filters:
  9. “Created”, “Tax date”, “Delivery” and “Payment due” date filters are split to be concurrently used:
  10. Headers and rows filters are split to be concurrently used:
  11. “Order reference”, “Order id” and “Invoice reference” are split for easier filtering:
  12. Filters are grouped in themes:
  13. Filtering options with multi-select values:
    1. Assigned to
    2. Country
    3. Created by
    4. Lead source
    5. Order type
    6. Warehouse
  14. Filtering options with search function:
    1. Channel
    2. Order status
    3. Country
    4. Created by
    5. Assigned to
  15. All columns, including the configurable columns, are sortable:

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