Capturing auth only payments in Brightpearl Payments

Authorized payments against sales orders can be captured in full or in part, either automatically or manually:

  • Automatic payment capture

    Configure the app to automatically capture authorized payments once the order is marked as shipped. Specify whether to capture full payment or partial payments for split shipments.

  • Manual payment capture

    Capture payment for multiple selected orders, based on your own criteria at any time. Choose to capture either full or partial payments.

If any part payment has already been captured for an order, the payment status will be “Part paid” and therefore won't display under the “Authorized” order payment status.

How to capture authorized payments

  1. In Brightpearl, go to Sales > Order payments.
  2. Filter by the payment type of Authorized pending capture and by your payment method.
  3. Select the rows to be captured.
  4. Click the Capture button.
  5. A modal window will pop up. Review and make any edits to the payments which will be captured.
  6. Click Submit to go ahead and capture those payments from the customers.
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