Taking a telephone payment using Brightpearl Payments

Telephone payments from customers using the Brightpearl Payments app can be taken against:

  • A sales order

    Process a transaction for either the full value or part of the value of the sales order, and mark the order as paid in Brightpearl at the same time. An order payment can be processed as either authorized-only or authorize and capture.

  • A customer

    Process a transaction for a specified amount against the customer record. It can be left on account or allocated against outstanding invoices. A customer payment will be captured immediately - authorized-only transactions are not supported.

Taking a telephone payment against a sales order

Use these steps to take a customer card payment and mark an order as paid:

  1. From within the order, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Take payment.
  2. Choose the payment method to use and the payment processing window will be automatically displayed.
    If a manual payment entry window is displayed, instead of the payment processing window check that the payment method has been connected to the Brightpearl Payments apps.
  3. Enter the customer payment details and submit.

Once the payment has been successfully processed you will be returned to the order screen. The order will now display a captured or pending (for authorized only) payment amount.

Taking a telephone payment against a customer record

  1. Open the customer record. From within the Financials info box on the right, click Allocate Payment.

    Note: You can also navigate to this screen using the Accounting mini tab displayed throughout Brightpearl.

  2. Click Record account payment and select the payment method to use. The payment processing window will then be displayed.
  3. Enter the customer payment details and the amount and submit.
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