Fulfilling omnichannel orders in store using “Buy Online Pick-up In Store”/”Click and Collect”


The POS “Sales Search” provides access to all Brightpearl sales, so you can fulfill one or more item rows, in full or in part (depending on the current fulfillment status), in store, at the till.

You can:

  • fulfill an order line that has not been allocated or fulfilled yet, in full or in part
  • fulfill an order line that has already been allocated or fulfilled by the store’s warehouse, in full


  1. Go to "Sales Search" and look up the sale that you would like to fully or partially fulfill. You can find previous transactions from all your connected channels by either:
    • browsing through the list which is populated chronologically with the latest sales showing first
    • scanning the receipt barcode
    • searching for:
      • the receipt number
      • the order reference (same as the receipt number for POS sales)
      • the Brightpearl order ID
      • the customer’s name, address, postcode/zipcode, email, phone number
      • the date of the transaction


  2. Once you tap on a sale from the search results, the details are displayed on the right side. There you can check on the sale’s overall shipping status:
    • If the sale’s shipping status is “Stock not shipped”, no items on that order have been shipped, so you can fulfill any of the items and in any quantity up to the the total ordered quantity in store.
    • If the sale’s shipping status is “Stock part shipped”, some items on the order have not been shipped. These items can only be shipped if they're either not allocated or fulfilled yet, or allocated and fulfilled using the POS store's warehouse. In those cases, only the full quantity on the row can be shipped.
      If an item row has been allocated or fulfilled by another warehouse already, it’s not possible to ship it from within the store.
    • If the sale’s shipping status is “All stock shipped”, then there are no items that can be shipped.
  3. If the selected order has items that can be shipped, you can tap on the options (three blue dots) and then tap “Ship items”:
    This option is not active if there are no items to be shipped in this order.
    That can happen when the order contains items that have already been shipped and/or items that cannot be shipped from this store as they have already been allocated or fulfilled by another warehouse:
  4. After selecting “Ship items”, the item rows are shown along with the selected warehouse (if any) and the current shipment status.
    You can tap on the “Ship now” quantity to change it to a smaller number if required.
    If the shipment status is “No Status Set”, you can ship any number up to the total number of items on the row, but no more.
  5. Once you have selected the quantities to be shipped, tap on “Ship items”. If any of the requested units cannot be shipped, POS will display an error message.
    If the quantity you're trying to ship is higher than the ordered quantity, the specific order row is highlighted in red and an error message comes up:
    If the quantity does not match the quantity of items that were already allocated/fulfilled, the specific order row is highlighted with red and an error message comes up:
  6. If all the entered quantities are valid, POS will show a table with the shipment confirmation, so you can check that the input is correct and, if you wish to, add a note to the order:
  7. Once you confirm that it all looks good, POS will send the updates to Brightpearl and present a message with the results. If there's not enough inventory in stock to ship any of the rows, you'll be alerted:
    When this happens, POS marks the order lines which have enough inventory on hand as shipped, but leaves any lines which don't have enough inventory on hand. If there's enough on hand to partially ship the row, you can easily go back and make a change to the quantity to be shipped: 95.png
  8. A successful shipment will look like this:96.png

    In Brightpearl, you'll immediately be able to see the updated sale:

    In this example, half of the items are chosen to be shipped:



  9. So immediately afterwards, you can see that the other half is not shipped yet:

    In Brightpearl, you can immediately see the updated sale:

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