Brightpearl Release Notes - August 2019


This month, we're excited to release a quartet of features that are sure to be big news to those of you streamlining your fulfillment with Brightpearl WMS, and selling through BigCommerce and Shopify.

Mistakes happen, and during despatch the quicker you can correct them can make a big difference, so it’s now possible to unprint, unpick, unpack, and delete goods out notes within Brightpearl WMS. Also new in WMS is the ability to organize your goods out notes by using bin numbers - another stepping stone on the pathway to fulfillment nirvana.

But wait - there's more! Those of you who sell on BigCommerce now have support for gift certificates, and the Brightpearl Shopify integration is at one with multi-currency!


Brightpearl WMS | Undo actions

It's now possible to unprint, unpick, unpack and delete goods out notes from WMS using the new Undo actions feature. The actions can be applied to single or multiple goods out notes from the Goods Out > Notes list, or to a whole batch from the batches list.

To use them, select the goods out note (or batch) from the list, find 'Undo actions' under the 'More actions' menu, and select the actions you'd like to perform.


Don't forget to post a note or change the status of the parent orders if you need to, using the Update Orders function in the Goods Out > Notes list.

Brightpearl WMS | Use bin numbers to keep goods out notes separated

You may already be using the Order ID to separate products in a batch as you pick them. Now you can take this a step further by using the bin number instead of an order number. WMS will assign a sequential 'bin' number to each goods out note in a batch, meaning it's easier to differentiate between goods out notes, and there's no need to relabel your trolley each time you pick a batch. 


Activate the feature under Settings > Goods out by choosing whether to reveal the order number, bin number, or both when processing batches.  You can also add the bin number to the packing screen from the same settings page by opening Configure Summary Notes and selecting Bin number.  Finally, you can add the bin number to the Batches > Pack list screen using the Configure and Export function there.


BigCommerce | Selling of Gift Certificates

BigCommerce lets you sell gift certificates that can then be used as for payment on future orders. Ordinarily BigCommerce doesn't let you specify a SKU for these gift certificates, but in our latest update, you can assign a SKU in Brightpearl for gift certificates. Once you do that, any orders that download containing a gift card will show the Brightpearl gift certificate SKU for that line item. 

You will need to create a non-stock tracked SKU for a gift certificate in Brightpearl and assign the “gift card” sale account code to make sure that the accounting for the sale of gift cards is correct. The gift certificate liability code can be assigned in Brightpearl at Settings > Company > Accounting: Account codes (nominal codes). 

To map gift certificates/cards to a SKU in Brightpearl to go the BigCommerce Brightpearl app > Orders > Brightpearl gift certificates SKU.


Shopify | Multi-currency 

Shopify users can now allow consumers to check out in their local currency. Brightpearl will get foreign currency orders, payment authorizations and payment captures, returns and refunds from Shopify and create them in Brightpearl in the foreign currency. Read more about this feature here.

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