Introduction to products and listings

Once an eBay account has been added and authorized in your Brightpearl account you will begin to see any active listings displayed at Channels > eBay > Listings. This will include all listings made using that eBay account - domestic and international, auction or fixed price.

Listings will need to be connected to a product in Brightpearl. Once a connection is established Brightpearl is able to manage the price and quantity available.

During the implementation of eBay with Brightpearl you may choose to deactivate synchronization of prices and inventory until the set up and connections are completed and you're ready to start using it. It is worth noting that changing the synchronization settings later on will not automatically and immediately update eBay, so eBay could potentially still be displaying items which are out of stock in Brightpearl.

Prices and inventory (when active) are automatically sent to eBay when the listing is first connected to a product and then only when inventory levels / price change. So if the synchronization of prices and/or inventory is activated after the listing and product are connected the updates will happen naturally as subsequent changes happen in Brightpearl, or they can be manually triggered.

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Connecting products to eBay listings

First of all, your eBay listings will need a SKU.

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A product and listing can be connected in several ways:

Active eBay listing? Brightpearl product exists? Options
15-512.png 15-512.png
  • Auto-connect SKU-to-SKU (domestic listings only - inclusive of domestic with international shipping)
  • Manually search & connect
15-512.png 19-512.png
  • Create a product from the listing
  • Create a product separately & then connect

Connecting a product and listing can be done in three ways:


eBay listings can be connected one-by-one by searching for the relevant product in Brightpearl and linking them. Once connected Brightpearl will update the eBay listing with the product SKU, price and availability based on the account setup.

This option can be used where SKUs do not match or exist in eBay or where listings are from a foreign currency eBay site.

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Auto-connect by SKU

Where an existing Brightpearl product and an existing eBay listing have the same SKU (and it is unique across your products) they can be connected quickly and easily by matching SKU-to-SKU. If activated this can run automatically when the listing is first downloaded into Brightpearl. It can also be triggered manually.

Note: Where an item has been actively listed internationally, it will need to be manually connected to a Brightpearl product. Brightpearl will auto-connect only listings made on the same eBay site as chosen on the eBay channel.

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Create new products in Brightpearl from an eBay listing

If no product exists in Brightpearl it can be created using the listing. This can be done one-by-one or in batches for variants and international listings, but not for bundles.

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Using bundles with eBay

An eBay listing can be connected to a Brightpearl bundle. A bundle will need to be created directly in Brightpearl prior to connection.

Although a bundle is non-stock tracked in Brightpearl a theoretical quantity can be uploaded from Brightpearl. Activate bundle quantities on the eBay account setup in Brightpearl.

Disconnecting products from eBay

If the Brightpearl product is disconnected from the eBay listing the listing will remain active and it will still be visible on the eBay listings screen in Brightpearl where it can be reconnected to a new product. Note that whilst the listing is not connected to a product orders can still download but will not assign or allocate the product.

Deleting products connected to eBay

If the Brightpearl product which is connected to an eBay listing is deleted, the listing will remain active and it will still be visible on the eBay listings screen in Brightpearl where is can be reconnected to a new product. Note that Brightpearl products can only be deleted if they have not been used and therefore have no transactions related with them.

Listings not connected to a product

Where eBay listings are not connected to products, Brightpearl will not be able to manage availability or prices. However, any orders for the item will still download into Brightpearl.

When an order is received for an item where the listing is not connected to a product, a free text non-stock tracked line item is added using the name and price received from eBay. This means that no inventory is allocated and there are no items to ship - it is not possible to create a goods-out note for non-stock tracked items.

If this occurs by mistake, it is possible to edit the order to remove the free text line item and then add the product - ensure the downloaded price is entered for the product at this point. This will allow the order to be processed through shipping in Brightpearl and will update the order on eBay when it is.

Make sure the product is connected for next time.

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