Troubleshooting in the Xero connector

All interactions between Brightpearl and Xero are logged in the connector. If you experience any issues with data failing to sync correctly, viewing these logs should reveal the issue.

Log in to the connector and navigate to the relevant screen using the left-hand menu. For example, choose Sales orders > sales orders to view data and logs relating to sales orders. This will take you to the Sales order listing screen.


You can search for the relevant record using the headers in the listing. For example, for sales orders you might want to search using the sales order ID from Brightpearl. You could also use the customer name's or phone number, or the date the order was created.


Sync status

Once you've found the relevant record its Status will reveal if there was an error or data simply hasn't been pushed yet. Read more about sync statuses here.

Order listing screens also have a Message column which will indicate any issue preventing the data from being sent to Xero.


Interaction logs

If you need to investigate further, in the Actions column you'll find a Tools dropdown. Click this and then choose to view Info.


This will show the interaction log, i.e. the data that was retrieved from Brightpearl and pushed to Xero.


Any validation errors will be reported here. In the above example, the invoice failed to be created in Xero as there are no items available to sell. In other words, there is no stock on-hand in Xero for that SKU so it cannot be sold.


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