Adding SKUs to existing eBay listings

The integration works by connecting each eBay listing to the product record in Brightpearl. Once this connection is established Brightpearl will manage the availability and price on eBay.

The easiest way of establishing a connection between your products is by automatically matching SKUs. This means every eBay listing will need a unique SKU and the same SKU will need to be used on the product in Brightpearl. Where your eBay listings do not have SKUs, or they are different from the ones used in Brightpearl, you can update your listings with the methods described below.

Using Turbo Lister

Using Turbo Lister your SKU is entered into the "Custom Label" field. You can edit your listing from the list view or from the "edit item" window.

Editing in list view:

  1. Ensure the "Custom label" column is displayed. If it is not, then right-click anywhere on the column headings and select Customize columns . Select "Custom Label" and click OK .
  2. Click Edit Mode .
  3. Enter your SKUs into the custom label column.
  4. Upload your amended listings to eBay.

In the "edit item" window:

  1. Open the "edit item" window for the listing.
  2. Go to the inventory information section.
  3. Look for the "custom label" field, if it is not displayed click Customise and select Inventory Information . Select Display Custom Label and click OK .
  4. Enter your SKU into the custom label field.
  5. Click Save .

Using Selling Manager / Selling Manager Pro

To subscribe to Selling Manager / Selling Manager Pro access your account area of your eBay account and go to Subscriptions .

  1. Within your eBay account hover over the Activity tab and select Selling Manager .
  2. Click to view all your eBay listings.
  3. Click the Customize link to the top-right of the list of items.
  4. The Customize active listings window is displayed, check the Custom label box and then click Apply .
  5. An additional column is now displayed for your listings where you can edit listing SKUs one-by-one. Edit each product and save. Make sure you use the same SKUs as you are in Brightpearl.

Selling Manager

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