Inventory adjustments in the Xero connector

Please note: inventory management in Xero is optional. See the full article here.

Sometimes it will be necessary to manually adjust inventory, such as during an inventory count / stocktake, due to breakages in the warehouse or when returning goods to their supplier. These adjustments are recorded in Brightpearl using the add or remove inventory buttons, by CSV import or using WMS. 

Inventory adjustments carried out in Brightpearl are created in Xero as a bill (when adding stock) or a credit note (when removing stock) against a specially created supplier which charges inventory gains or losses to a specific account code. 



This account code for inventory adjustments is set in the connector at Account settings > Xero settings > Default configuration. Typically this should be an expense type account.




Stock adjustments can be found via the inventory audit trail in Brightpearl and within Xero they can be found at Business > Products and Services | View product.


Important! It is best practice to periodically reconcile inventory levels between Brightpearl and Xero as it is possible for the two systems to become out of sync. For example, if a user makes a stock adjustment directly in Xero it will not be pushed back to Brightpearl. Of course, all adjustments should be made in Brightpearl where they are automatically synced with Xero, so this situation is avoidable but entirely possible.

Such discrepancies can be problematic. If a sale is made in Brightpearl for items that are out of stock in Xero as an error is be generated when the connector attempts to create the invoice in Xero. It is therefore recommended to periodically check that inventory levels agree between the two systems, and to correct anything in Xero that disagrees with Brightpearl. This reduces the risk of errors relating to sales and purchases.

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