Edit Transfer Page Overview

The edit transfers page is where users can configure their inventory transfers. To do this, users should add destinations and products, and set the quantity of each product to be transferred to each destination.  Quantities can be adjusted individually, at a product or warehouse level, or across a whole page. Users can also set the transfer quantities in relation to current stock levels and reorder points.

Page Layout


Page Header

Lets you know what transfer you're currently editing, and contains actions that affect the page as a whole

Product Panel

Contains options for adding products to the page, and controls to adjust transfer quantities in bulk

Source Warehouse

Represents the source location for the transfer. Shows the products to be transferred and the available stock levels, and lets you adjust quantities or apply functions to a product across all destinations

Destination Warehouses

Represents the intended destinations for the transfers. Add up to 10 destinations at a time. Each panel shows the current stock level and the reorder point of each product at that destination, and lets you adjust quantities or apply functions to the quantities of all products at the destination

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