Tax reporting for other countries

Brightpearl provides pre-built VAT and US sales tax reports, but it is also possible to extract the data you need in order to complete a tax return in any other country - this is where using separate tax codes become very useful.

If you are using Brightpearl's "Tax regimes" settings, then once you have started collecting tax in more countries using additional tax codes the VAT return will exclude codes that are not included in your default VAT regime. As such, there is no need to subtract the cross border tax codes from the VAT return figures. Learn more about tax regimes here.

As long as a tax code per country has been used, the total tax liability and net sales can be reported from the general ledger. Filtering by tax liability account code and the tax code, then filtering by sales account types and tax code will allow you to report on the tax liability. Learn more about the general ledger here.


If separate tax codes haven't been used, the sales reports can be configured to include columns for delivery country, net and tax amounts in order to view the total net and tax. Once exported into a spreadsheet the report can be manipulated to provide the totals per country. Learn more about the sales reports here.


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