Introduction to BOPIS

If you want to offer your BigCommerce store customers the option to pick up their order in person, you can install the Brightpearl Buy Online Pickup In Store app from the BigCommerce App Store. With the app enabled, the buyers will be able to:

  • View pickup locations and quantities offered across stores on the product listing page
  • See the pickup times available for a particular store
  • Select “Pickup In Store” as a delivery method during checkout and specify the date they are willing to pick it up

As a merchant you will be able to:

  • Select which of your warehouses are active for the store
  • Manage additional details for each warehouse that supports “click and collect”. Each warehouse will have its own block of settings
  • Configure the language that will be displayed on the product page and within the checkout area via labels
  • Conveniently view pickup preferences as a part of the order in Brightpearl

How it works

The Brightpearl Buy Online Pickup In Store app will use warehouse and inventory information from Brightpearl to extend your BigCommerce store with necessary display elements and workflows that enable “Pickup In Store”.

As a result, your BigCommerce store will be enhanced with a new section on the product listing screen, as well as modifications to the checkout page. The customer's pickup preference will be stored in the order information, exported and displayed on the Brightpearl order.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to have BigCommerce 'Cornerstone' theme installed for the BOPIS app to work. The theme should display the SKU on the product page.

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