Brightpearl Release Notes - June 2019


We're now into June, so it's safe to say that Summer has officially begun - and we at Brightpearl want you to have the best summer sales on record. So whether you're wanting to bundle free products into your sales automatically, or want to see customer-specific price lists and discounts at your point of sale as part of your summer promotions, we've got you covered!

We've also got you covered with a whole lot more besides - including a great deal more flexibility in our retail workflow automation app, Brightpearl Automation, price breaks and custom fields in Brightpearl POS, much requested updates to our Product POST API call, and a new Tax Regimes feature which will be very welcome news to those of you in the EU paying sales tax in other member states.


Brightpearl Automation | Add a free SKU to your sales orders

Lots have people have been requesting this one, so we're sure it'll be popular. You can now choose a product to add to your Sales Orders automatically. You'll need to do this before the order is fulfilled, and the item will always be at zero cost.

Brightpearl Automation | Use the Total Weight of a Sales Order

Use the Total Weight of a Sales Order (calculated as the sum of the Product weight values) in determining which actions to apply. A common use would be to update the shipping method for heavier or lighter items before fulfilling the order through your warehouse.

Brightpearl Automation | Delivery address matches/does not match Invoice Address

You can now check that the Delivery address matches (or does not match!) the Invoice address. This is really useful for additional fraud checks.

Brightpearl Automation | Plus lots more!

Those are the main one, but we've released lots of other smaller enhancements too - (for example, you can now choose 'None' for many of the conditions, i.e. that the field is empty, whereas previously you had to select specific values).

Brightpearl POS | Price breaks

We've rolled out Price breaks per item row. If your store’s default price list contains price breaks or the added customer’s price list does, the prices in your basket will be updated automatically depending on the row quantity. Learn more at Discounts and price breaks application in POS.


Brightpearl POS | Customer price lists and discounts

Adding a customer to the sale now activates the option to use that customer's price list and apply their profile discount, as well as for reverting to the store price list and remove the customer discount at any time. The customer’s price breaks are out too - look out for the icons next to the customer’s name to see what’s in their profile - different price list, discount or both! Find out more at Applying customer profile price lists and discounts.



Brightpearl POS | Customer custom fields

The customer custom fields, as set up and populated in Brightpearl back office, are now displayed in the customer modal.

Accounting | Tax regimes

If you are an EU business and have passed distance-selling thresholds in other member states, then you should be registered for VAT in each such country. This means you probably need to segment your reporting by these separate liabilities in Brightpearl. To help you do this, we've introduced tax regimes!  

Tax regimes allow you to assign tax codes to a regime and to report on each regime separately. This is especially relevant if you submit a VAT return to HMRC using Brightpearl, as only the default regime will be included in the return. By default, all tax codes set up in your account are included in this default regime. Additional configuration is required if any tax code needs to be excluded from the regime and therefore the VAT return.

Read more about configuring tax regimes here.

API | Product POST - include reporting categories and reporting season

It is now possible to include reporting category, reporting subcategory and reporting season when creating a new product via the API.


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