Dashboards permissions

Data can be sensitive, this article will help you in understanding how Brightpearl dashboards can be configured so your collaborators see the data that is meaningful to them (and only this).

View versus Edit permissions

Two new permissions will be introduced in the staff settings :

  • Dashboards>View
  • Dashboards>Edit

By default all users will have a least the"Dashboards>View" permission for dashboards. Additionally, users with the "Accounts>Management Reports" permission get the "Dashboards>Edit" permission assigned by default when enabling the dashboards feature.

Here is a comparison of action that can be performed depending on permissions :

Action None


View core dashboards 15-512.png 15-512.png 15-512.png
Filter core dashboards 15-512.png 15-512.png 15-512.png
Edit core dashboards 19-512.png 19-512.png 15-512.png
View dashboard list 19-512.png 15-512.png 15-512.png
View all dashboards 19-512.png 19-512.png 15-512.png
Authorise users to view a dashboard  19-512.png 19-512.png 15-512.png
Create dashboard 19-512.png 19-512.png 15-512.png
Edit dashboard (Add widgets, clone widgets, remove widgets, filter widgets) 19-512.png 19-512.png 15-512.png
Clone dashboard 19-512.png 19-512.png 15-512.png
Delete dashboard 19-512.png 19-512.png 15-512.png


Authorise users to see a dashboard

User with "Dashboards>Edit" permission are able to see all dashboards and authorise newly created dashboards to users with "Dashboards>Edit" permission. To do so, select the users (the list is pre-filtered to users with "Dashboards>View" but without "Dashboards>Edit") you want to be able to see a dashboard either at creation or when editing from the dashboard list.


If you don't select anyone in the viewers users list, only users with "Dashboards>Edit" permission will see the dashboard.

Reporting permissions

The sales and accounting preset core dashboards are only accessible to users with the "Sales>Sales reports" and "Accounts>Management Reports" permissions.



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