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Brightpearl's dashboards offer extensive customisation of the displayed data through filters. Widgets can be individually filtered while dashboards have a more limited set of filters that applies to all widgets enabling high level changes.

Dashboard filters


Intervals let you specify what time frame should be covered on the dashboard. Along with classical from and to dates, you can also choose increments. Increments are a way to specify the granularity of your data, for example if you choose 1 weekly increment, you will get one point of data for each week between the start and end date. Widget will inherit those values by default and this can be changed in the widget filters.

The channel filter lets you select which channels should be displayed in the widgets. This is particularly useful if you want to quickly switch between different branches of your business while retaining the same metrics.

Note : Widgets channels can also be filtered. To determine what channels should be displayed, the widget will display the common values between dashboard channels and its own channels.

When you are happy with you filters configuration, use presets to save it and recall it across dashboards easily.

Note : All dashboards users can use dashboard level filters.

Widget filters

Note : Only users authorised to edit dashboards can use widgets level filters.

To access a widget filters, click the cog icon on the top right of a widget. 


You will be directed to a page showing available filters to the left as well as a live preview of the widget.


From there you will be able to change the widgets name, widget type (depending on the base widget, from line to bar or area etc), widget intervals and if it inherits them from the dashboard or not along with all other relevant filters.


Don't forget to save you dashboards once you are happy with your widgets filters.

For more details on widgets types and their specific filters please refer to the dashboards widgets section.

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