Sending a Purchase Order to your supplier

When you're ready to send your PO to your supplier, open the order and click Email/print. The order will be shown using the template you have set up for Purchase Orders based on the channel branding for the order's channel.

Here's a typical PO template:


Click Email and choose your recipient(s) email address.

Enter a message for the email, and click Send.

The Purchase order will be updated to the status you have set for this workflow, and a note will be added to the order history. A PDF copy will be stored for future reference.


Supplier SKUs

If your supplier uses different SKUs for your products, then you can create a cost price list specifically for this supplier, containing their SKUs.

Grid mode for purchase orders

If you're ordering products that have lots of variations, you might prefer to use a template design that puts one of the options into a column. This is the same purchase order as the above template, using 'grid layout' :


Read more about template design and layout here.

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