Orders downloading into Brightpearl

Orders will come through our standard BigCommerce connector, with "Pickup In Store" as the shipping method, the delivery date, and the pickup location will be set in the custom field (Gift message) on the order in Brightpearl. The delivery date will also be stored in BigCommerce admin under the ‘Staff notes’ field on the order and "Order Comments" upon order creation in the following format: "DO NOT EDIT - Customer selected to pickup from {{! Austin }} on {{! Delivery date: 2019-06-20T00:17:00.000Z }}".

It’s important that these fields remain untouched so the custom field can be set accordingly. You can still utilize the field for actual staff notes, just make sure to leave the delivery date and above prefixes intact.

To setup a gift message custom field go to Brightpearl Settings > Custom fields > Sales  and then add a field. Name the custom field "Gift messages" and choose type "Textarea".

You will also need to enable the "Pickup In Store" shipping method within BigCommerce connector first.

IMPORTANT: You will need to make sure that a name-matching “Pickup In Store” shipping method is created in Brightpearl.

Note that the inventory transfers and purchase orders aren’t automatically created at this point, to achieve that you’ll need to align Brightpearl automation workflows.

Learn more about Brightpearl automation here.

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