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Product pages

Once the BigCommerce App is configured in your store, consumers will be able to see if a product is available for in-store pickup on the product page, as long as it’s in stock at any of the active warehouses. The field labels and actions can be customized in the “Labeling” section.


There will also be an option for consumers to see if the item is available at other locations by clicking the “Find other locations” (or the alternative name configured in the Labeling section) hyperlink. This will open up an inventory look-up screen with a list of locations where this item is available to be picked up from, as well as distance, inventory availability, and the option to pre-select a location for checkout. 


Distance is at first calculated using the consumer’s IP address, as long as they allow access to their location. Alternatively, they will be able to fill out their ZIP/Postal code or address details, and the distance column will refresh.
NOTE that there is a distance cap of 200 miles. Everything is further than 200 miles from the customer's zip code or IP address will not be shown. 

Inventory availability
Upon loading the modal, the extension will fetch product availabilities and warehouse details from Brightpearl and determine which options are available. “Inventory” column will display quantity on-hand in Brightpearl warehouse.
If the location doesn't have inventory on-hand, but items could be transferred per Brightpearl warehouse settings, a label #17 could be used to prompt retail buyer that inventory will be availabe at this location. 

Should your consumers find a product on your webstore that doesn’t exist in Brightpearl, then the Select store action will deactivate and they will see a message "Item is not available for in-store pickup".

Checkout page

“BOPIS Pickup In Store” shipping method will be shown within the delivery method section.

By selecting “BOPIS Pickup In Store”, the buyer will see the list of locations available for pick up. They can also select the desired pickup date by clicking on the date picker. The date picker will limit the selection to the nearest possible time for pickup at that location, based on the current inventory levels and any transfer SLAs. Store opening hours will also be displayed on the date picker. 


Consumers can then select their desired date for pickup, and continue the checkout process.

As with a regular delivery order, they can also change their mind and switch to a shipping method or select a different pickup location up until the point of completing payment. 

If a consumer has multiple items in the basket - one is available for in-store pickup and another one is not, "BOPIS Pickup in Store" Shipping method will not be present at the checkout area. It is not possible to have multiple shipping methods per basket. Only one shipping method per order. 

Calculation of pickup dates

If you set 'SLA for items on hand at this warehouse' to X hours, the app would allow one extra hour as buffer time. 
For example, your store closes at 8 pm, 'SLA for items on hand at this warehouse' is set to 3 hours, it's 4 pm now and a consumer places an order. The pickup time is calculated the following way: 8 pm minus 3 hours minus 1 hour -> 4 pm is the latest time when a consumer can place an order and pickup the same day. 

If items are not oh hand in a pickup in store warehouse, but could be transferred - the soonest pickup date will be calculated the following way: Transfer SLA + collection SLA (when items are on hand).


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