BOPIS app configuration

You can configure the extension per webstore. As the extension changes the consumer view of your webstore, it’s important to complete all settings. To access the configuration, in your store admin go

Brightpearl Buy Online PIckup In Store (BOPIS) app > Settings

The app configuration is made up of the following tabs:



All warehouses with click and collect enabled in Brightpearl will show for selection within the extension. You can disable any locations you need to by unchecking “Enabled” checkbox on the tile.

You can also change the display name of your warehouse by filling out the "Display as" and saving the settings. If you like, you can add store address next to the store name, so the retail buyer will see the address at the product age and checkout screen.


You can also define a cost for pickup in-store. Some businesses charge retail buyers for in-store pickup, you can decide if you want to charge your customers for when items are on hand in this warehouse or when items need to be transferred to the pickup location. By default, those costs will be 0. 


Based on this shipping methods will be created the following way automatically: 
BOPIS Pickup In Store [Name of a pickup location as you specify in 'Display as' field] [(BP warehouse id, On Hand)]
BOPIS Pickup InStore [Name of a pickup location as you specify in 'Display as' field] [(BP warehouse id, Transfer)]

See example below:


This section allows you to configure the language that will be displayed within the product page, product lookup screen, and checkout area. This will allow you to fully customize the verbiage on labels, buttons, and other elements added by the extension.

To change a field’s label, select and change the value in the ‘Label’ column. 


As you’re making amendments you can see a preview to the right side of the table, so you can ensure all looks as it should before you save. 

IMPORTANT: When inventory is not on hand at a warehouse but can be transferred to that location, set label # 17 to "Transfer"/"On transfer"/"Available", etc to let the retail buyer know that items could be collected from that warehouse. 

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