Configuring Brightpearl for BOPIS

By offering Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) or 'Click and Collect', you’re inviting your customers to pickup their order from a predefined location, rather than have you deliver it to them.

Managing these buying options typically happens within your e-commerce store configurations rather than Brightpearl, and then through the use of shipping methods orders can be triaged away from your warehouse delivery workflows.

Brightpearl has a web extension available for BigCommerce where we’re providing BOPIS functionality to web stores, based on Brightpearl warehouses and inventory. The Brightpearl settings are available using the API should you want to build your own integration to your bespoke web store using the same design.

Pickup locations and times

Pickup locations are identified as warehouses in Brightpearl, so that inventory can be held there and set aside. This document assumes that your warehouses already exist, but you can create them at the same time.

  1. Go to Settings > Products > Warehouses
  2. Select Edit on the warehouse you’d like to configure
  3. Make sure that the warehouse has a valid address
  4. Select ‘Enable Click and collect from this warehouse’ to enable further options
  5. Select the timezone of the location
  6. Set the operating hours of the location by setting an opening time and closing time, or leaving as ‘Closed’ if that’s the case
  7. Set an ‘SLA for items on hand at this warehouse’ which represents the amount of time it takes to prepare an order for pickup. You can select hours, days, or working days which will use the operating hours you’ve set above. If you don’t need preparation time, set it as ‘0’. Please note that if you set 'SLA for items on hand at this warehouse' to X hours, the app would allow one extra hour as buffer time.
    For example, your store closes at 8 pm, 'SLA for items on hand at this warehouse' is set to 3 hours, it's 4 pm now and a consumer places an order. The pickup time is calculated the following way: 8 pm minus 3 hours minus 1 hour -> 4 pm is the latest time when a consumer can place an order and pickup the same day. 
  8. ‘SLA when transferring items to this warehouse’ allows you to define SLAs for scenarios where inventory needs to first be transferred to this location before it can be picked up. You can add as many of your warehouses as you need by selecting ‘Add inventory source’ and then entering the amount of time it would take to transfer items from that warehouse. You can also select ‘Purchase order’ if you’re operating with Back-to-Back purchase orders. IMPORTANT: the app will always assume that 'Purchase order' warehouse has inventory on hand to transfer). You can remove inventory sources using the trash icon on the right. Please note that the pickup time will be calculated the following way: ‘SLA when transferring items to this warehouse’ time plus 'SLA for items on hand at this warehouse' time. 
  9. Save when you’re done.

Steps 6 and 7 will be used by the BigCommerce extension to provide consumers the earliest possible pickup time of their basket. Note that the inventory transfers and purchase orders aren’t automatically created at this point, to achieve that you’ll need to align Brightpearl automation workflows. 


Shipping method

Once the BOPIS app is installed in BigCommerce admin, and the settings are configured, BOPIS shipping methods will be created automatically. You will need to go to 'Store settings' > 'Shipping' > see all BOPIS Pickup In Store shipping methods. Please create those shipping methods in Brightpearl. These methods will be used for all orders coming in from BigCommerce where the customer has chosen to collect from store. 
Please note: you DO NOT need to create 'Pickup In Store' shipping method in BigCommerce manually, in case you have this enabled, you will need to disable it. Only shipping methods created by the app will be recognized on an order in Brightpearl. 

'Invoiced' order status

You need to have 'Invoiced' order status in Brightpearl in order for the delivery date to be updated. 

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