Detailed permission information

Listed below are the tasks that different roles can perform in WMS:

Stock taking

  Associate Team lead Manager
Perform a count
Create a new count  
Review and approve    
Change status
Assign to a user or team  
Clone a count  

Goods out

  Associate Team lead Manager
View orders  
Fulfill orders  
Flag and unflag orders  
Set order priority  
View goods out notes
Print, pick, pack and ship goods out notes
Create and break batches
Flag and unflag goods out notes
Set goods out note priority
View batches
Pick, pack, ship batches
Merge batches  
Flag and unflag batches
Set batch priority


  Associate Team lead Manager
View deliveries
Create deliveries
Associate deliveries
Assign deliveries
Delete deliveries
Receive items
Put items away
Update stock status
Flag and unflag deliveries
Set delivery priority
Add delivery status

Searching and product updates

  Associate Team lead Manager
Search and select products
Amend inventory
Fetch data from Brightpearl


  Associate Team lead Manager
View transfer list
Create a transfer  
Edit a transfer  
Clone a transfer  
Delete a transfer    
View transfer goods out notes
View transfer deliveries
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