Reporting on landed costs

There are several places in Brightpearl where landed costs can be seen and reported:

  • Landed cost report
  • Inventory detail
  • Inventory audit trail
  • Goods-in for a PO

Landed cost report

The landed cost report provides a list of all allocated landed costs with details of the estimated and actual landed costs.

Landed cost report

The fields are:

Field Description
Vendor (supplier) The name of the vendor to whom the landed cost is assigned.

The landed cost reference, entered when allocating the landed cost.

Click on the reference to view all the rows the landed cost is allocated to.Landed cost by PO row

Date entered The date the landed cost was allocated.
Account code The landed cost account code used.
Estimated (currency) The estimated landed cost in the currency it was entered.
Exchange rate The exchange rate used.
Estimated (base) The estimated landed cost converted to base currency.
Actual (base)

The actual landed cost in base currency, as posted to the accounts.

Click on the figures to be taken to the general ledger filtered for that landed cost reference.

All items received

All items invoiced

Indicates whether all items have been received and whether the associated purchase orders are invoiced, to indicate whether the landed cost is ready to be reconciled.
Reconciled Indicates whether the landed cost has been reconciled or not.

Inventory detail report 

This is where all in stock items can be viewed at their current value, inclusive of landed costs.

A user without the landed cost permission will be able to see only the total value.

LC Inventory detail

Learn more about the inventory detail report here.

Inventory audit trail

The audit trail will display the current value of the items. If landed costs are later allocated the value will be updated to include those costs.

LC Inventory audit trail

Learn more about the inventory audit trail here.

Goods-in screen

The goods-in screen (seen when receiving inventory on a purchase order) indicates the original value of the items, the landed costs for those items and the total value of the items going into stock.

LC Goods in

Learn more about receiving goods on purchase orders here.

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