Putting away a delivery

Putting a delivery away is the act of putting the items from the delivery into their final location. Performing the put away action assumed you've already received them into a warehouse, and are now finalizing their place in the warehouse.

When you’re ready to put items into their final location, use the Put away process.

  1. Go to Deliveries > Deliveries. Select a Delivery and click Put away.
  2. Scan items, use the keyboard, or just click Put away all.

Items will be moved from the receipted location into the locations shown on each row.

If you need to change the put away location for an item, click the location name. The item’s default and overflow location (if they have one) will show as a prompt.

If you discover problems with items or locations while putting items away, you can park the delivery for a manager to review.

If changes need to be made on the Brightpearl purchase order to match the delivery, make the changes in back office and then click Refresh associations for this delivery on the delivery list.

Note that you can’t put away more items than you’ve received.

Tip: If you don’t want to run the receive delivery process separately (you just want to put everything into the warehouse in one step, then use the Receive and put away button on the delivery list instead.

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