Moving items within a warehouse

Sometimes you’ll find that inventory needs to be moved around within a warehouse; from one location to another. Perhaps from an overflow location to the pick location.

  1. Find the product you want to move using the search or by scanning a barcode.
  2. Click the item name to go into the item detail screen.
  3. Click the cog by the stock quantity to open the item movement screen
  4. Choose warehouse. All inventory for that warehouse will be shown.

At this point, you might want to add a destination warehouse if the one you want isn't shown. Click Add Location, then filter to your chosen location(s) and choose Add selected location.

  1. Remove the items from the source location “in stock”, and add them to the destination location(s) “in stock”.
  2. Add a reason, and save.


You can only move 'on hand' inventory. Any inventory allocated to goods out notes or sales orders will also have been allocated the picking location, so those items need to be unallocated before they can be moved.

As per spot checks, a cycle count will be created in the background using the “special selection” option, containing just the SKU you have modified. Moving items between locations needs to be approved by a manager, because it’s actually performing a stock update in Brightpearl.

WARNING : moving items out of a location where they have been received during a delivery will prevent that delivery from being put away, since the delivery source location no longer contains that item.

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