Receiving items on a delivery

Receiving items on a delivery increases inventory levels in Brightpearl, but does not put them away in their final location.

It’s useful when you need to add goods into a warehouse goods in zone quickly for later methodical checking or location-based put-away.

Note: If you’re going to be putting items into their final location immediately, use "Receive and put away".

Receiving items on a delivery

  1. Find your delivery on the Deliveries screen (located under Deliveries > Deliveries) and click Receive.


  2. Choose a warehouse, and if you need to change the location, click the Change location button. Save.
    The delivery status will be set to “Receiving” and you’ll be taken to the receiving screen.


  3. Open a box and scan a product. WMS will increment the received quantity by one. If the outstanding quantity is more than two, WMS will automatically open the quick quantity feature to allow you to set a quantity.


    Where a barcode scanner is not used, quantities can be changed using the plus and minus buttons or by tapping the blue quick quantity button to open the quick quantity feature. As receiving progresses, where the quantity received so far is between zero and the expected quantity, the row will be colored red. When a row is fully received, its color changes to green. For an over-received row, the row color changes to yellow.


    Note: Over-receiving must be allowed by disabling "Prevent over-receiving against associated deliveries" under Settings > Deliveries  before goods can be over-received on a delivery. Learn more about over-receiving here.

  4. To receive part of the Delivery, click Receive selection. This will send the quantities added so far to Brightpearl.
    • The delivery and stock status will change to Part Received.
    • The screen refreshes showing the remaining quantities to be received. So, for example, 2/10 refreshes to 0/8, 14/10 refreshes to 4/0. Substitutions refresh as they were
  5. Once all items have been received, the Delivery status will be updated to “Received”.


Where the supplier has sent a substitution, WMS will ask whether you want to add it to the delivery.

If yes, WMS asks for an expected delivery quantity and adds a new row for this product. Because this product does not exist on any of the orders in the deliveries being received, WMS sets the order ID to 0.

Learn more about substitutions here.

Note: You must have "Prevent over-receiving against associated deliveries" disabled under Settings > Deliveries to allow substitutions.

Receiving into different locations

If you need to receive an item into a different location from the one shown, click the location name to change it for that line.

The item’s default location and overflow location is shown as a prompt. Ensure you receive all items for a line into a single location, otherwise you won’t be able to put the items away later.

The default location shown for receiving items is the one with the lowest ID for that warehouse.

Tip: Receive stock into the QUARANTINE location for a warehouse for it to show in stock, but not be available for sale to customers until you have put-away into the final location. Alternatively, create a virtual warehouse called "Deliveries".

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