Introduction to goods in

Deliveries (or goods in) is the process of accepting goods from your suppliers and customers.

The first step in deliveries is to create a "delivery" and associate it with existing purchase orders or sales credits from Brightpearl.

A delivery can be created without an association, allowing the goods to be received first. Then, the purchase order or sales credit can be created in Brightpearl and the association can be made at the end.

The two-step process

WMS uses a two-step receipt process for each delivery:

  1. Receive goods
  2. Put away goods

These can be done at the same time, or separately.


The two-step process allows you to receive goods into your system as soon as they arrive, without needing to interrupt other processes to spend time putting them away in their final locations.

The two-step process also allows you to have an interim stage for inspection or quality control.

It also facilitates "bite size" processing where part of the delivery can be received and put away, followed by another part, until the delivery is complete.

Deliveries warehouse

If you don’t want to start selling inventory as soon as it’s been received, you can receive goods into a "virtual" warehouse called "Deliveries" which is not connected to sales channels.

Then when you're ready to start selling the goods, you can perform a warehouse transfer to move the items into the real warehouse. Once they've been released into the real warehouse, Brightpearl will update the inventory levels on any linked channels.

The virtual warehouse can be separated into your delivery bay areas:


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