Bundles in WMS

Bundles are groups of products sold as a single package. For example, you may have a ‘tea set’ SKU in Brightpearl which comprises of:

  • Teapot
  • Milk jug
  • Tea strainer

Learn more about bundles here.

Each of the products within the "tea set" may be in different warehouse locations and will therefore be picked individually. The WMS picking list ignores the bundle item itself (i.e. the tea set SKU) and only shows all the components.

Show bundle components in packing

This setting (found under Settings > Goods out) changes the way the packing screen looks when it comes to bundles.

With the setting off, you only see the component SKUs when packing and there is no mention of the bundle. It looks like a regular goods out note.

With the setting on, you will only see the bundles as line items - components are hidden. You can see the components by clicking the down arrow by the product SKU. You can still scan hidden items in the normal way.


Bundle barcodes

When components are rolled up into a bundle line, you can also scan the bundle. You might choose to make bundles scannable if you pre-pack them into cartons or bags with a separate label.

Bundle validation

WMS will warn you if you are trying to scan both components and a bundle. If you’ve already scanned a component, you’ll need to continue scanning the other components for that bundle.

Pack bundled items together

This setting applies only when the "show bundle components in packing" setting is turned on. WMS will open a pop-up as soon as any bundle component is scanned, requiring that the user scans other items in the bundle before any other line (or goods out note, if auto-switching) can be scanned.

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