WMS : Shipping

When your packages are actually collected by the carrier, you can set them as shipped. Once shipped, a GON can not be unshipped.

  1. Filter your GON list by “Packed” and an appropriate shipping method (use a preset if you have one)

  2. Check the count figure at the bottom and count the consignments going onto the carrier truck.

  3. Select all the GONs and click Ship.
  4. The GONs will be removed from your list and Brightpearl will be updated. Inventory will be removed from stock. If the orders are for any connected ecommerce sales channels, Brightpearl will update those channels with shipment information and tracking details.

Line comments

At any stage during the picking or packing processes, you can add comments to a line item on a GON. This will remain with the line as the GON moves around. You’ll see that a comment has been applied to a line if the “Add comment” text is green. Watch out for this, and make sure you open the comment if there is one. If you need to resolve the comment, you’ll need to write RESOLVED or similar within the note as you can’t remove comments once added.

Comments are for WMS user only; they are not sent over to Brightpearl.

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