Variants: Grid display mode

A group of products can be displayed in grid format to make adding multiple products in a group to an order easier.

grid entry variant

When editing product variants, select the "Use grid format" checkbox to set grid mode for that group of products.


If needed, you can also update your variants in bulk to enable them to use grid mode. From the product list, select items and choose to set grid entry:

grid entry bulk


How to change the order of option values

  1. Go to Settings > Products/Inventory > Option values.
  2. Drag and drop each option value into the desired order. Ensure that the save message is displayed before moving the next item.

    sort option values

How to change rows and columns of options on variants

  1. Go to Products >List products and search for one of the SKUs in the group.
  2. Click Actions > Edit variants.
  3. In the variant management screen click Amend grid layout.
  4. Drag and drop the options into the desired position.


  5. Submit the changes and then save the variants.



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