Fulfilling a warehouse transfer

In Brightpearl terms, Fulfilment means creating a goods-out note.  Processing or Fulfilling warehouse transfers means creating the goods out notes that will be used to dispatch the items to other warehouses.

Be aware that transfers do not synchronize between WMS and Brightpearl until they are fulfilled. This means that prior to the transfer being fulfilled in WMS you won’t see any record of it in Brightpearl.

It’s also at this point that inventory will be allocated to a transfer; up until this point the inventory is not reserved in any way and so is available to be allocated to another order or goods out note from the same source warehouse.

Fulfilling transfers from WMS

Once you're happy with the transfer quantities you can go ahead and fulfil each transfer. WMS will create and fulfil (ie, create a goods note for) a new Inventory Transfer within Brightpearl for the destination warehouses you’ve chosen. You can choose to fulfil shipments to any, some, or all of the destinations on your Edit Transfers page.

To fulfil a shipment to a single destination

  1. Click ‘Fulfil’ against the destination panel
  2. In the Fulfil Transfers modal, select your shipping method
  3. Click the ‘Fulfil’ button
  4. You’ll be shown the Brightpearl ID and reference of the transfer

To fulfil shipments to multiple destinations

  1. Click ‘Fulfil Transfers’  in the page header (you’ll still be able to choose just some of the destinations, and are not committed to creating shipments to all destinations at this stage).
  2. In the Fulfil Transfers modal, select shipping methods for each of the destinations you’d like to create shipments to.
  3. Click the ‘Fulfil’ button against individual destinations to create shipments, or click ‘Fulfil All’ at the bottom of the modal.
  4. You’ll be shown the Brightpearl IDs and references of the transfers

Once shipments have been created

After you’ve fulfilled the individual transfers you’ll see that the destination panel becomes greyed out and uneditable in the Edit transfers screen.  It’s no longer possible to make changes to this destination, so any page actions you perform won’t affect it. This destination will also no longer be taken into account when calculating available stock levels (in other words, it no longer has any priority).

You’ll now be able to process the goods out notes as usual within the Goods Out module, and deliveries can be associated to these transfers in the Deliveries module.

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