Reviewing a cycle count

A manager will need to review every change of inventory level. This includes spot checks which are created as “special selection” counts.

  1. From the count list, select the count you want and click Review.
  2. WMS will compare the warehouse stock levels at the time you submitted the count (“Count” column) with the quantity in Brightpearl at the current time (“Channel quantity” column). If there’s a difference, you’ll get a variance figure.
  3. If you click Get price values you get a value for that variance based on current cost price from the defined cost price list. The estimated value variance shows approximately the total impact to Brightpearl asset value if you were to accept the count.
  4. Work through the lines, unticking any that you think might be incorrect, or need a recount. If you need to add a note for the warehouse operator, click the notes icon on the right.
  5. Once you’re happy to update Brightpearl with the variance from the selected lines, click Accept.
  6. Brightpearl inventory levels will be changed.

If any lines were rejected from the count, a new count will be created using the previous reference appended with “-rejects”.

Note : It is strongly recommended to complete any inbound deliveries and outbound goods out before doing stock counts, since while you are picking and packing or receiving goods, items have moved from their given location in the warehouse but will still show in stock.

The default view for Stock count reviews is the “Review” screen which shows all items sorted by the choice you made for that screen. You can change to the Summary view for another layout grouped by product - to change to the summary view click the “Summary” button at the top of the screen.

For more detailed advice and some worked examples of how stock count reviews work, see this help doc.

Cycle count recommendations

The variance column on a cycle count review compares inventory levels at completion of the count with inventory levels now (when the review is opened), so the more time that passes between a count and review the higher the chance of a discrepancy. Best practice is to schedule small cycle counts at set times each day, and get a manager to review the count as soon as it’s complete.

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