Introduction to inventory management with WMS

Keeping track of where your inventory is located is important, particularly as you scale.

The larger your business and the more products you carry, the more important inventory management becomes. SKUs may be received into different locations on different days for a number of reasons - for example, if there's limited space in the picking zone, so some items must be booked into bulk storage.

As such, having a way to both check the location of current inventory and easily update inventory locations is vital. 

In addition to recording where goods are delivered into and picked out of, Brightpearl's WMS application allows you to:

  • Perform spot checks to update individual items
  • Create cycle counts for a large range of products
  • Move inventory around within a warehouse
  • Transfer inventory between warehouses

All of the above can be done without requiring access to the Brightpearl back office.

This section is specifically concerned with cycle counts and ad-hoc inventory adjustments.

Learn more about deliveries here, goods out here, and transfers here.

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