Delivery and stock statuses

Deliveries have both a status and a stock status.


The delivery status is used internally by WMS.

Your account comes configured with the following by default. Deliveries are automatically progressed between these statuses as you receive items, put away, park and so on.

  • Unassigned
  • Assigned
  • Receiving
  • Part received
  • Received
  • Putting away
  • Part put away
  • Put away
  • Parked

If you want to manually update a delivery status in WMS:

  1. Find your delivery on the deliveries list, under Deliveries > Deliveries.
  2. Select it and click Update status.
  3. Choose your new status.
  4. Choose a stock status (even if there's no change, you still need to select one).
  5. Click Save.

Mapping WMS statuses to Brightpearl order statuses

You can map WMS delivery statuses to Brightpearl purchase order or sales credit statuses, which will update Brightpearl orders when a WMS delivery status changes.

Note that the information transfer is one way from WMS to Brightpearl. Changes to an order status in Brightpearl do not update WMS.

We recommend that you create order statuses in Brightpearl to match those in WMS. New statuses in Brightpearl might take up to 24 hours to show in your WMS account.

Set up your mappings in WMS at Deliveries > Delivery statuses. Multiple WMS statuses can be mapped to a single Brightpearl status. You can also add your own custom statuses for WMS operators to choose when manually updating deliveries.

Stock status

Delivery stock statuses correspond directly to the Brightpearl "inventory status" of a linked purchase order or sales credit.

  • Unassigned
  • Assigned
  • Partially received ("Part received")
  • Fully received ("All received")
  • Part put away
  • Put away

However, unlike the delivery status, manual changes to the stock status in WMS do not affect Brightpearl since the inventory status of an order in Brightpearl is automatically calculated by comparing the total quantity of items on an order against the quantity actually received.

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