Creating a delivery

Creating a Delivery (Goods In) for one or more Purchase Orders / Sales Credits

Usually, a Purchase Order will have been created in Brightpearl before goods arrive in your warehouse. In this case, you’ll create a new Delivery and assign it to the Purchase Order(s).

  1. Go to the Deliveries screen and click Create new.
  2. Enter a reference, and the warehouse you’re working in.

  3. Click Associate to.
  4. Use the fields to search for the PO. If you know the vendor / supplier, use the Contact box to limit the results quickly. You can also show POs that only contain certain items.

  5. Click Search. All matching POs will be shown.

  6. Select one or more POs - a delivery can be created for items from multiple POs.

  7. Click Save. Your delivery will be created and you’ll be taken back to the Deliveries list.

Creating a Delivery (Goods In) without a Purchase Order / Sales Credit

You can create a Delivery without assigning to an order, but you need to have associated the Delivery to a Purchase Order or Sales Credit before you can receive goods.

  1. From the Deliveries list and click Create new.
  2. Choose a warehouse, and click Add.
  3. Select the new delivery from the list and click ‘Receive and Put Away’.  Confirm the warehouse and location, and Save.
  4. You’ll be taken to an empty delivery screen as there are no items yet received.

  5. Scan an item, or search
  6. Choose yes when asked to add this to the delivery.

  7. Enter the quantity received
  8. Park the delivery, and add a note for a manager to create a Purchase Order or Sales Credit in Brightpearl.

Once the order has been created, come back to WMS to associate it with the Delivery:

  1. Find your delivery on the Deliveries screen, select it and choose Associate from the More actions menu.
  2. Search for your PO using the fields available
  3. Choose the order(s) from the search results and click Save
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