Brightpearl Release Notes - May 2019


Word must have got around following last month's Automation April, and so this month everyone wants in!

Payments platform Adyen joins our ever-growing ranks in Brightpearl Payments and POS, there's new contact filtering on accounting reports, Brightpearl POS users can now enjoy more granular location detail, WMS features enhanced order reference filtering in goods out notes, PLUS our open API is now three times more open than usual with as many new calls, AND we've enhanced security for Magento!


Brightpearl Payments | Introducing Adyen

We're very pleased to announce the latest payment option available through our ever-growing stable, Adyen, and if you're already a Brightpearl Payments user, you're minutes away from reaping the benefits. Here's all you need to know

However if Brightpearl Payments isn't your thing but Brightpearl POS is, you can also set up Adyen for use directly within it. Again, full details are here

Accounting | Contact filter on financial activity reports

We've added a search by contact on the Customer and Supplier Financial Activity reports. Previously, it was possible to navigate to pre-filtered reports via the 'Financial activity' link on a contact's accounting mini-tab.

Get to the reports by navigating to Reports > Accounts > More > Customer Financial Activity or Supplier/Vendor Financial Activity. Open the filter and you'll find a contact search box where you can search by contact name, company, account code, phone number or post/ZIP code to narrow down the results in the report.

Brightpearl POS | Location detail

If you've ever been using Brightpearl POS and needed to know not just the warehouses that have your items in stock, but the exact locations too, you're in luck. The product's inventory tab now contains the warehouse locations for all connected warehouses.


Brightpearl WMS | New order reference filter for goods out notes

You can now filter your goods out notes by the customer-facing order reference as well as by the order ID.

Just enter the reference or ID into the field labelled 'Order ID / reference' and apply your filter. Plus if you only enter part of the reference, WMS will include all the matching results.


API | Product POST - include product nominal codes

When creating a new product using Product POST, it is now possible to specify the product's sales, purchases and stock nominal code. These codes are used for posting accounting when the product is purchased and sold. If these codes are not provided, the default codes specified in the account's settings will be used.

API | Product POST - create product bundles

New products can now be created as bundles using Product POST. Within the request body, simply state that the product is a bundle and specify the product IDs and quantities of the components that make up the bundle.

API | Resource event for goods out note modified

Previously, Brightpearl webhooks activated on the creation or destruction of a goods out note, or when any of the print/pick/pack/ship events occur.

We've now added a resource event that triggers on changes to a goods out note's shipping method, priority, number of boxes, tracking reference or weight, which is really handy for integrations with shipping aggregators or 3PLs.

Magento | OAuth2

Magento users will be pleased to hear that Brightpearl supports the industry standard OAuth2 authentication and authorisation scheme. It ensures a more robust two-way authentication, and more secure mechanism of storing and using authentication tokens.

We strongly suggest all Magento set up OAuth2 authentication and re-authorise your connections. You can read more about Magento OAuth2 here. 



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