Fulfilling from 3PL (third party logistics)

A Third Party Logistics company will hold inventory on your behalf, and will ship it to your customers when you send instructions over.

Since you own the inventory, and need to show that on hand for your sales channels (as well as manage the asset value in accounting), you should create a warehouse in Brightpearl to represent your 3PL.

Fulfilling from this warehouse is then exactly the same as fulfilling from your own warehouse but you send the goods out notes over to the 3PL to fulfil instead of printing, picking and packing in your own warehouse.

You can either send them as CSV files, send them as pre-packaged PDFs, or build an integration to pull goods out notes automatically from Brightpearl over API.

See how to create a CSV for 3PL here

Read how to build an integration to a 3PL service here

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