Troubleshooting order payments

I took payment against the wrong order, how do I fix it?

It is not possible to move the payment between orders so it will need to be reversed or cancelled and then re-entered against the correct order.

No payment journal was created by the order payment

You will need to check the type of payment which was created, since only some payment types create accounting, for example, a payment with the type “AUTH” signifies a pending payment which hasn’t yet been captured and therefore would not have an accounting journal associated with it.

If the payment type was any of the following then it should have an accounting journal:

  • Receipt
  • Payment
  • Capture

A payment journal will not be created if any of the following have not been set up:

  • A bank account on the payment method

If the payment was of one of these types and the payment method has a bank account assigned but still no accounting journal was created, then please notify our support team. So that you can rectify the problem with your data straight away, here are the steps you can take:

  1. Go to the payment report and cancel the original payment.
  2. A new entry is added to the payment report for the reversal, click the journal ID associated with the reversal. If no journal ID was created then no accounting was created and you can skip the next step.
  3. Cancel this journal. Since the original journal was never created, the reversal journal is not required.
  4. Go back to the order and process the payment again.
  5. Check that the payment accounting was created this time.
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