Setting up payment methods

Payment methods are used for:

  • Recording how a payment was taken
  • Ensuring the accounting is entered in the correct bank account
  • Opening a payment gateway from an order to process a payment

Before a payment can be entered from within an order, at least one payment method must exist.

How to add a payment method

  1. Go to Settings > Company > Payment methods.
  2. Click to add a new payment method.
  3. Make the following entries:

    Name - This is how the method will be seen in Brightpearl.

    Code - Used for matching payments received via apps.

    Link to a payment gateway - Linking a payment gateway app will trigger the payment processing window to display when this method is selected.

    Bank account - Specify which bank account code the accounting should be posted to.

  4. Save the payment method.

Editing payment methods

Editing payment methods should not be used to repurpose a previous method as a new method since it will affect historical order payments. You will need to deactivate the method if it is no longer needed and create a new method

The following details can be edited:

  • Name

    Editing the name will cause all historical order payments to go by the new name.

  • Code

    It is not possible to edit the code. This is used to link downloaded payments and may break integrations using it if it is changed.

  • Active

    Use this to activate/deactivate the payment method. Only active payment methods are available for processing payments.

  • Link to payment gateway

    This can be changed to switch the payment method between a manual payment entry and payment gateway option.

  • Bank accounts

    Edit the bank account to change where accounting is posted. This will only affect payments entered after the changes are saved.

If a difference code is desired then the payment method will need to be deleted and re-added. If the method has already been used then it can be inactivated and a new method created.

Deleting / inactivating payment methods

Once a payment method has been used (order payments exist) it can not be deleted, only inactivated. An inactive payment method will not be displayed as an option when entered payments against orders. All historical order payments will continue to be reported with the inactive payment method name.

Note that is a payment is sent via the API using an inactive payment method code, it will still be used.


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