Emailing invoices to customers

Creating and sending invoices

Invoices can be emailed to customers manually, sent automatically as part of the on-screen batch process, or sent using Automation.

By default invoices are sent to the email address in the invoice address details on the order. The value that populates this field depends on settings but can always be overridden manually, either on the order or when manually emailing a single invoice.

How to activate emailing of invoices during batch process

  1. Go to Settings > Sales > Sales settings
  2. Set Automatically email invoice to billing email address to "Yes"
  3. Save your changes

How to email a single invoice to a customer

  1. Search for and open the sale
  2. Click the email/print button
  3. Select or enter the email address to send it to
  4. Type an email body
  5. Click to send the email

How to email invoices in batches

  1. Go to Sales > Recent sales
  2. Filter the list to display the invoiced orders for which invoice documents need to be emailed
  3. Use the checkboxes to select the invoices to be emailed
  4. Click the Send email  button
  5. Select the invoice template to use
  6. Click to email the documents

Default email addresses

Invoices will always be emailed to the email address in the invoice address section of the order.

The following email address settings provide control over which email address will be loaded into this field when an order is created.

Choose whether to use the customer main email, accounts email, or the accounts email if it's there, otherwise use the main email. Note that a contact may be part of an organization, in which case the organization will have an accounts email address which will be used for all contacts in that company.



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