Inventory corrections / adjustments - removing stock

Items can be removed from stock manually, or using the CSV inventory import. When manually removing items from stock the item is selected from the inventory detail report. The associated stock value will be used to make any corrections to accounting.

Tip : If you send samples to customers, or provide a sponsored team with equipment, don’t use stock corrections. Use a free Sales Order, which you can fulfil and ship normally. Creating sales orders for people and using Goods Out Notes for shipping will make it much easier to track and report on your outgoing goods. Corrections should only be made for removing items where the stock levels have been identified as incorrect. 

See also, unreceiving items on purchase order

How to remove items from stock

  1. Search for the product on the product list and click on the in stock figure. In the pop-up window click on Edit/Remove inventory for the relevant warehouse.

    remove inventory

    Alternatively, go to Products > Inventory detail and search for the product (if multiple warehouses are in use ensure the relevant warehouse is selected also).

  2. The inventory detail report is displayed with the item listed once for each different value, purchase order or location it belongs to. Hover over the line that is to be changed to see the edit icon appear next to the in stock figure. Click on the edit icon.

    remove inventory2

  3. Enter the quantity to be removed - this must not be greater than the in quantity on hand for the item on that row of the product detail report. A correction can only be made against one batch of items at a time. If multiple batches of the item have been received then multiple corrections may be needed.
  4. Enter a reason for the adjustment. This will be recorded against the inventory audit trail and the accounting journal.

    remove inventory3

  5. Click the Remove items button to finish.
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