Selecting delivery methods in advanced fulfilment



As part of the omnichannel and endless-aisle initiatives, Brightpearl POS now supports the ability to take orders that are to be fulfilled from warehouses external to the local store as well as mark items to be back-ordered.


Once advanced fulfilment is activated at Brightpearl for a store, POS users can decide how each basket row is to be fulfilled: immediately from that store, later from that store’s warehouse or later from an alternative source, or even, back ordered.

What's included:

  • Advanced fulfilment modal with an option to deliver later and back order.
  • Inventory lookup to every warehouse selected for POS and automatic stock recalculation based on the selected fulfilment method.
  • Line’s quantity splitting into two lines in order to handle each new line with a different fulfilment method.
  • Selection of customer/address, shipping method, delivery date and shipping charges.
  • Fulfilment summary at checkout with the option to make its confirmation mandatory (confirmation with the customer).
  • Automatic stock allocation when items are fulfilled now or booked to be shipped later.
  • Automatic record of sales with delivery preferences back into Brightpearl.

As per the existing inventory lookup, advanced fulfilment is an online-only feature.

Product bundles are not currently available to be fulfilled via advanced fulfilment options.

This document shall walk you through the POS features that empower the full potential of advanced fulfilment.

You can find details on how to set up advanced fulfilment at the back office here.

Features walkthrough

The advanced fulfilment modal in the basket options


  • You can open up the Advanced Fulfillment modal once at least one item is in the basket from the options. 51.png52.png
  • The delivery modal contains all the basket rows, which have all been assigned the fulfilment method “Fulfil now” by default.


  • You can change a row’s fulfilment method by tapping on the action. This will display all the available options, including all warehouses selected for advanced fulfilment and the item’s inventory.


  • You can split a line’s quantity into two lines by tapping on the quantity and entering the quantity for the second line.  This allows you to assign a different fulfilment method to each line.



  • When at least one row’s fulfilment method is changed from “Fulfil now”, it becomes mandatory to select the customer and address or add a new customer and their address.

    Please note that the current POS version supports the selection of only the existing customer’s default shipping address -this will be extended to any of the existing customer’s addresses in the next POS release.


  • You can in addition, optionally, select the shipping method, the desired delivery date and the delivery charge.


  • Once you have updated the delivery modal with the fulfilment preferences and delivery details, the new order lines and delivery charges (if any) are automatically updated at your basket.


  • The fulfilment summary is available at the checkout screen if at least one item is delivered later or back ordered. If you have set it up as mandatory for the user to confirm the summary (read back to the customer to confirm), the payment methods will only be activated once the fulfilment summary is confirmed.
    If any changes are made in the delivery modal, the summary is automatically updated; and if it’s mandatory to be confirmed, you must confirm it again in order to access the payment methods. 60.png




This video takes you through the user journey as described above:

  • Once the payment has been received successfully, the sale is recorded at Brightpearl with:
    • Shipped goods-out notes for any stock that was taken away by the customer at POS (fulfil now)
    • Unprocessed (no events) goods-out notes from any additional warehouses (ship later from X)
    • Unallocated lines for any back ordered items
    • Shipping method (if set)
    • Delivery date (if set)
    • Delivery charge (if set).



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