Using advanced fulfillment and the delivery modal

This guide will walk you through the basics of using advanced fulfillment in the POS app.

The delivery modal

You can open up the advanced fulfillment modal once at least one item is in the basket. Select the basket options menu by tapping the three red dots in the top right-hand side of the basket, then tapping "Delivery".


The delivery modal contains all the basket rows. Every product is displayed on its own row, with its quantity and the fulfillment method assigned to that row.

When you first open the delivery modal on a sale, you will see that all rows have been assigned the fulfillment method “Fulfill now” by default.


You can change a row’s fulfillment method by tapping on the entry in the "Action" column.

This will display all the available fulfillment options, including:

  • Fulfill now
  • Ship later from every warehouse you've chosen to be available for advanced fulfillment, along with the quantities available in those warehouses
  • Back order


Splitting a row

You can split a line’s quantity into two lines by tapping on the quantity and entering the quantity to move to the second line.

Splitting a row allows you to assign a different fulfillment method to each line.



Choosing a customer

When at least one row’s fulfillment method is changed from “Fulfill now”, assigning a customer to the sale becomes mandatory.

You must either assign an existing customer or add a new customer. In both cases you must either select or add a new address to use as the delivery address.


In addition, you can select the shipping method, the desired delivery date and the delivery charge.


Once you have updated the delivery modal with the fulfillment preferences and delivery details, the new order lines and delivery charges (if any) are automatically updated at your basket.


Fulfillment summary

The fulfillment summary is available at the checkout screen if at least one item is delivered later or back ordered. If you have configured your store settings to make confirmation of the fulfillment summary mandatory, the payment methods will only be activated once the fulfillment summary has been confirmed.

If any changes are made in the delivery modal, the summary is automatically updated. If confirmation is mandatory, you must confirm the summary again in order to access the payment methods. 60.png




Once the payment has been received successfully, the sale is recorded at Brightpearl with:

  • A shipped goods out note for any stock that was taken away by the customer in store ("Fulfill now")
  • Unprocessed (no events) goods out notes for any additional warehouses ("Ship later from X")
  • Unallocated lines for any back ordered items
  • Shipping method (if set)
  • Delivery date (if set)
  • Delivery charge (if set)



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