Brightpearl Release Notes - April 2019


With no less than four new features hitting our intuitive rule-based workflow automation app Brightpearl Automation, you could say it's Automation April! Brightpearl Automation now allows you to remove tags, un-allocate orders, and add conditions for specific payment methods and number of items/different SKUs automatically! Even more flexibility for you to automate your workflows just the way you want with the minimum of effort.

Not only that, but you can now hide your unwanted eBay, POS, and Misc channels from your Sales menus.


Automation | Remove contact tags

You can now remove a tag from your contacts automatically based on order information. Especially useful for further automating your marketing activities!

Automation | Un-allocate orders

You can now use Automation to un-allocate orders. Having stock allocated to an order prevents things like updating the warehouse, so this means you can now resolve that by un-allocating items first.

Automation | New condition: payment method

We've added 'Payment method' as a condition; perfect for identifying orders that need follow-up, like payments using finance, or for identifying those orders more at risk of fraud.


Automation | New condition: number of items/different SKUs

Now you can use the Number of items on an order or the Number of different SKUs on an order as a condition, great for choosing a better shipping method than the default and many other things besides!


Sales | Hide inactive channels now includes eBay, POS, and Misc

You can now hide any type of channel from the channels menu. Previously it was only possible to hide certain channel types; Magento, BigCommerce, Amazon, and Shopify. The feature has now been extended to include eBay, POS, and miscellaneous channels. 

This is really useful if you no longer sell via a channel and would like a cleaner channel menu showing your active channels only. No historical data is removed when hiding a channel and reports can still be filtered to include sales from hidden channels.



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