Payment methods and gateways

Payment methods

Payment methods are used for:

  • Recording how a payment was taken
  • Ensuring the accounting is entered in the correct bank account
  • Opening a payment gateway from an order to process a payment

Before a payment can be entered from within an order, at least one payment method must exist.

Read more about Setting up payment methods.

Payment gateways

A payment gateway app allows payments to be processed via a payment provider directly within Brightpearl. Once the payment gateway has been installed and configured it must be linked to a payment method in Brightpearl. The payment method indicates which bank account should be used for the accounting and also activates the payment processing portal. When taking payment on a sales order, selecting a payment method which is linked to a payment gateway will trigger the payment processing gateway to be displayed so that the payment can be processed.

Once the payment has been processed via the gateway the order payment status will be automatically updated. The order payment will be listed on at Sales > Order payments.

Note that payment gateways are not active for purchase orders.

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