Product images in templates

Brightpearl does not support the hosting of media assets or attaching images to product records. However there is an option to use images in the document templates, provided that image is hosted somewhere, like a webstore.

By adding the URL to an image into a custom field on a product in Brightpearl, the image can be pulled into documents produced in Brightpearl.

How to show a product image on a document

  1. Go to Settings > Custom fields > Products and create a new custom field of type 'text area'. Make a note of the custom field code used, it will be needed later.


  2. The image URL needs to be added to the custom field. But adding the URL on its own won't cause the image to display on documents, it needs to be entered with all the necessary HTML tags. The easiest way to do this, without needing to understand any HTML is to use the WYSIWYG editor - only available on 'textarea' type custom fields. Click on the Image icon and paste the image URL into the pop up window.



    Click on the HTML editor icon to view the full HTML recorded in the custom field:


    If you know what you're doing you can import all the HTML directly into the custom field.
  3. Finally, add the custom field as a column on the product table widget within the document template. Go to Settings > Templates > Document templates. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and add the custom field as a column. Enter the custom field code, prefixed with 'PCF_' followed by the column header as it should appear on the document:


  4. The next time the template is used and products with an image added in this way are on the record, the images will be displayed.


Using images for variants

The nature of variant products is that changes made on one product will be copied across all products in the group. This means that simply adding an image to one of the products using the manual step above will add the same image to all the products in the group. That is not to say that they can't each have a unique image. To add an image to one variant only follow the steps above, but before saving go to the product name and make an edit, for example, enter a space and then delete it, this triggers a checkbox to be displayed just below the name "Update item without updating the other sisters", check this box and save. As long as the name is edited and then changed back then it will remain part of the variant group.


Alternatively, the full HTML can be added for each variant using the product import.

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