Brightpearl Release Notes - March 2019


Our new batch of upgrades focuses on giving you extra flexibility through increased warehousing functionality in Brightpearl WMS and the core platform.

PLUS there's enhanced searching AND extra control over price lists with purchases so there's something for everyone.


Brightpearl WMS | Handle transferred goods-out and goods-in

You can now process your warehouse transfers through the Goods out and Deliveries modules in WMS. We've also added "Transfer" as an order type filter option on the listing page so that you can find and prioritize transfer shipments as you need to.

Warehousing | Add bundles to warehouse transfers

To speed up creating warehouse to warehouse transfers you are now able to lookup or scan a bundle. Selecting a bundle for a warehouse transfer will add all the separate components in the relevant quantities at once, instead of having to add them manually. Brightpearl still considers all these items as individually stocked products so on the receiving side you will continue to manage the individual components.

API | Pick POST - use for transfers

We've updated our Pick POST to now work with goods-out notes associated with transfers as well as those for orders. This means that should you want to use our WMS or the API to mark transfers as picked from an alternative location, you can do so.

API | External Transfer POST - location now optional

We've updated the API for creating external transfers (warehouse to warehouse) to now treat locations as an optional part of the request. If you don't send through specific locations then FIFO will be used to select the inventory items for the transfer.

Purchases | Control over updating default cost price list when receiving purchase invoices

We’ve added a new setting to control the ‘Update prices on default cost price list’ option seen when receiving an invoice against a purchase order where the order price list is different to the default cost price list. Previously this option was checked by default, but now you can choose for it to be unchecked and prevent automatic overwriting of prices.



Contacts/CRM | Search by contact ID in the quick search

In the quick search, it's now possible to search for a customer or vendor using the system contact ID.


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