Brightpearl Release Notes - January 2019

Welcome to the January release notes!

It's our first batch of new features for 2019 and we're coming out of the gate swinging!

Brightpearl WMS now offers Blind Returns meaning you can simplify the returns process for your customers even further which will increase the likelihood of them buying from you in the first place. PLUS with Rejected Items controls, you can keep on top of your deliveries like never before.

But wait, we're not done! Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce order downloads will now capture the company name on contacts, AND our API, product imports, and inventory reports get flexibility boosts!

Let's go!

Brightpearl WMS | Blind returns

Returned goods can now be received in WMS even if the sales credit hasn't yet been created in Brightpearl back office. This saves time having to log into Brightpearl to create the credit or contacting someone who can do this for you.

To process a blind return in WMS, go to Deliveries and create a new return, select the original order, then scan the items and set custom fields if you’d like to. When you’re done a sales credit is created in Brightpearl and all the stock movements are handled too.


Brightpearl WMS | Rejecting over received items

Before when too many items or different items than expected were received for a purchase order, WMS would allow you to receive those items and add them into stock.

If you prefer to reject these items it now possible to control this with a new setting which will then allow only the ordered items from being received. Find the new setting in Brightpearl WMS at Settings > Deliveries.


Magento | Capture company name on contacts

Shopify | Capture company name on contacts

BigCommerce | Capture company name on contacts

Up until now all contacts created via the Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce order downloads have been created without a company name. Now you can choose whether to capture the company name and when company name should be ignored, for example, if the customer has entered a company name of "None" or "Mr". This enables you to still capture the data but prevents contacts getting linked to companies when they shouldn't be.

For Magento - To begin capturing company name it needs to be mapped in the customization mapping configuration. Learn more

For Shopify - Enable contact company name in the Brightpearl Shopify app under order settings (see below).

For BigCommerce - Enable contact company name in the Brightpearl BigCommerce app under customer settings (see below).


API | 'Transfer' added to the Goods-out note SEARCH

This enables you to search for goods-out notes which relate to a transfer rather than a sale.

Products | Set product type on imports

It's now possible to specify the product type on the products import. Previously the product type had to be updated after importing the products, using the batch processing.

This now makes creating new products much faster! You will find the "product type" available as a column to add on the data map. Some things you should know:

  • The product types must already exist in Brightpearl before the import
  • Any options on the product must be associated with the product type being assigned

Inventory | Zero all suggested quantities on the low inventory report

If you're using the low inventory report for ordering, you know that Brightpearl provides recommended order quantities using the reorder quantity and minimum stock level set on each product. Now, if you don't want to use the recommended quantities, you can clear all the recommended order values and enter your own.


Let us know what you think about these new features on the Brightpearl Community.

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