Brightpearl Release Notes - December 2018

Welcome to the December release notes!

2018 may be drawing to a close, but that doesn't mean we've taken our foot off the pedal. Far from it in-fact as we've rolled out new features across two of our most popular apps - Brightpearl WMS and Brightpearl POS, plus Amazon and added flexibility across our API.

You'll find everything you need to know below. Enjoy!

Brightpearl WMS | Bundle display on packing lists

A new setting in WMS allows you group items which are part of a bundle. This allows the packer to see all the items of the bundle together in a simplified view.

A second setting means you can make it mandatory that all the components of the bundle are packed one after the other. This is useful when assembling products at point of shipping, for example, a first aid kit which is made up of a bandage, a dressing, cleansing wipes and a first aid box. The packer will need to scan and pack all those items before moving on to the rest of the order.


Activate these options in WMS at Settings > Goods out:


Brightpearl POS | iZettle now available for use with POS

Using Brightpearl Payments, it's now possible to integrate iZettle with Brightpearl POS.

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Amazon | Set FBA allocation warehouse per marketplace

Up until now the FBA allocation warehouse could only be controlled at a seller level, meaning all the different marketplaces for that seller account had to use the same warehouse. You can now switch and change the allocation warehouse on each separate marketplace (channel).

API | Search for contacts using telephone number

The contact SEARCH will now accept telephone number as a search term further expanding the options you can build into your apps.

API | Order row DELETE

With this new API call you will be able to delete order rows. This means order amendments can be made. It has a few controls to ensure orders are managed effectively:

Sales and purchases

  • Invoiced items can't be deleted
  • When deleting a bundle parent it will also remove all components of the bundle
  • It is not possible to delete only the component of a bundle

Sales orders/credits

  • If a row with allocated stock is removed the items will be released back into on hand stock
  • A row with any items fulfilled to goods-out notes cannot be deleted
  • A row with any items fulfilled to drop-ship purchase orders cannot be deleted

Purchase orders/credits

  • No rows can be deleted on drop-ship purchase orders
  • A row with any items received into stock cannot be deleted


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