We have deprecated our eBay listing publishing functionality

Historically, Brightpearl provided listing publishing capabilities for our eBay integration. The listing publishing tool suffered from various issues and created more problems for customers than providing value. After weighing different options we decided to deprecate it as of December 31st 2021.

However, we conducted a thorough evaluation of the listing vendors on the market and selected a platform which we felt met the needs of the majority of our customers. The platform is called Sellware, which has an integration with Brightpearl for the publishing of products to sales channels, and a number of clients were already successfully using it.

Brightpearl and Sellware have entered into a formal partnership, but the contract, billing and onboarding will all be provided by Sellware directly. To get started, please reach out to us via support@brightpearl.com and let us know if you would like to be connected with the Sellware team.


What was the Brightpearl eBay listing publishing tool? 

The eBay listing tool was a legacy functionality that allowed merchants to publish their products from Brightpearl to eBay.

Why did you deprecate the functionality? 

eBay introduced a breaking API change on June 30th. The decision was made to deprecate the listing publishing tool as rewriting our connector required significant engineering effort.

Why couldn't you invest in the eBay listing publishing tool? 

The eBay listing publishing tool was built a long time ago as a temporary solution during a time when no other solutions were available on the market. It was meant to be a short-lived stopgap, but ended up being around for years. Keeping it alive meant more customers would have more issues with it.

We acknowledge that our solution did not meet the standard that we want to deliver for our customers, so we took the decision to deprecate it in favor of one provided by our partner, Sellware.

What did the deprecation involve?

The ability to create listing and shipping profiles and publish listings on eBay via Brightpearl was removed, as well as the ability to end or delete an eBay listing directly from Brightpearl.

Now, all listing publishing activities need to happen directly in eBay, via your custom solutions, or via our partner integration with Sellware.

Are you deprecating the entire eBay integration? 

No, we only removed listing publishing and ending capabilities.

Will the inventory and price sync continue working as before?

Yes. We only removed the ability to publish and end products on eBay.

Brightpearl will continue sending inventory and price updates in real-time and during nightly reconciliation. You can also set listing handling time and set quantity limits on listings. 

eBay listings still download from eBay and display on the “eBay listings” report page. From there you can connect listings to Brightpearl products.

Does the integration continue to download listings from eBay and display them on the “eBay listings” report page? 

Yes, we still download listings from eBay, which display on the “eBay listings” report page. From there you can connect listings to Brightpearl products. 

What exactly was removed from the Brightpearl user interface? 

  • Products no longer have an "eBay listing" tab


  • When you go to Channels > eBay channel > eBay listings, the "Publish", "Delete/End", and "Ended Listings" buttons and tabs no longer exist


  • The batch edit screen no longer has settings used for listing publishing, but still has settings like quantity listed


Brightpearl's eBay listing tool was free. Do I have to pay for the partner solution? 

Yes, the Sellware solution is a paid app. Please reach out to us via support@brightpearl.com to learn more about the pricing.

Where can I go to learn more about Sellware?

Check out this integration page to learn more.

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