Shopify products

Product records need to exist in both Brightpearl and Shopify with matching and unique SKUs. Brightpearl does not manage product details (other than price) on Shopify.


Both Brightpearl and Shopify support products with variants, such as size, color or material.

When importing Shopify products. the options and option values will also be created in Brightpearl. If the same option and option values already exist, they will be assigned to the Brightpearl product.

Each variant is connected SKU to SKU. 

Note that Shopify allows a maximum of three dimensions for a product. Brightpearl can support up to four dimensions for a product. Read more about Brightpearl variants here.

Using bundles with Shopify

Even though Shopify does not provide a bundle feature, a Brightpearl bundle can be connected to a simple product in Shopify by using the same SKU.

The bundle availability from Brightpearl will be used to update the product in Shopify.

When an order for the item is downloaded, Brightpearl will use the bundle item and add on all the separate components.



Inventory sync

Yes - complete bundles at a warehouse only

Learn more about bundle availability here.

Price sync


Order download


Stock allocated to orders Shipment update


Shopify connect a Brightpearl bundle to a single product


Tracking reference

Simple product level

Split shipment of components

Not supported (Shopify limitation)

Shipment update

Yes - when order is marked as fully shipped in Brightpearl

Product management of bundles

Brightpearl bundles need to be created and managed within Brightpearl.

It is not possible to import a bundle from Shopify. 

Inventory management of bundles

A bundle in Brightpearl is non-stock tracked, but the theoretical availability of the bundle will be synchronized with Shopify based on the on hand availability of the items within the bundle.

The quantity of a Brightpearl bundle will be sent to Shopify. The bundle quantity is made up only of complete bundles within a warehouse. A bundle is not considered on hand if the components are available at separate Brightpearl warehouses, even if all those warehouses are being synchronized with Shopify.

Learn more about bundle availability here.

Price management of bundles

The price is managed by Brightpearl and is taken from the connected price list.

Orders containing bundles

When an order for the item is downloaded into Brightpearl, each item within the Brightpearl bundle is added to the sales order. The inventory will be automatically allocated to reserve the bundle for the order.

In turn, the allocation updates the on hand inventory levels and updates all sales channels with the new available quantity.

Shipping bundles

It is possible that a Shopify order could be split into multiple shipments in Brightpearl.

If items within the same bundle are sent in different shipments, the whole bundle on Shopify will be marked as shipped when the first item is shipped in Brightpearl.

It's recommended that complete bundles are shipped together in conjunction with the Shopify fulfillment interaction to ensure correct information is sent to Shopify.

Note: Brightpearl only allows a single level of bundles and does not support any nested bundles (a bundle within a bundle).

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